Types of Roofs

With so many options out on the market to date, many homeowners and businesses alike are often stuck answering the same question; what roof is right for me? And here at 1845RM, our team of certified roofing professionals will be happy to help you make the most informed decision possible. It’s just the facts, some types of roofing are better suited for different homes or structures. Such as the slope of your roof, to the strength of your framing, many factors are to be considered. With an increasing urge for green living solutions here in Longview, the ability to provide environmentally friendly roofing installations are vital. That is why 1845RM is proud to be an Accredited Green Roofing Contractor knowledgeable in sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing options. Below you will find the many different options in roofing available here at 1845RM.

State of The Art EPDM Roofing

EPDM has gained industry-wide acceptance and respect by providing immediate and long-term roofing solutions. In use for several decades, EPDM roofs are single-ply membranes and have evolved into one of the most sustainable and popular commercial roofing options available today.


EPDM is also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer, and has gained popularity and industry-wide acceptance by providing immediate and long-term roofing solutions. EPDM is made of advanced rubber material making it easy to work with and also produces minimal odor and fumes. EPDM roofing options are made of single-ply membranes and have continuously evolved into one of the most sustainable and desirable roofing products available to date. Making it an obvious favorite for residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike. Lightweight enough for residential use, and durable enough to withstand the needs of commercial properties, EPDM is relatively cost-effective

1845RM EPDM roofing systems are incredibly durable and puncture resistant, built to withstand the extreme weather conditions that our East Texas residents face, for up to 25 years!

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is usually the best option for commercial buildings and large businesses. This is due to multiple different factors such as;  


  • Easier to maintain, creating a safer work environment for our contractors
  • Easier access, connected by a stairwell, making it much easier to transport equipment and materials.
  • Storage or entertainment space; for some businesses flat roofs can give the option of having a space for entertaining clients or customers. 
  • Lower installation costs; faster to install which means less labor, and more money in your pocket! 
  • Better for fire safety; the structure of this type of roof is constructed with steel vs wood. 
  • Best use of space; from your floor to your ceiling a flat roof gives you the ability to utilize every square inch of space available. 

Better for HVAC installation; with flat roofing you are able to place your air conditioner and/or heater directly on your roof. Which is usually virtually impossible if you currently have a slanted roof.

Shingle Roofing Options

At 1845RM we carry the most up to date shingle options available because we know the popularity they hold. Coming in a variety of shapes, textures, and colors making them architecturally (and aesthetically)  pleasing to any homeowner. And in hot climates such as those we face here in East Texas, shingle roofs are built to withstand not just the heat, but fire damage and algae growth as well. Many homeowners can expect their shingled roofs to last around 20 years. 

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most standard and popular roofing material used.

This is mainly due to the fact that they are affordable and long-lasting. 1845RM provides our clients with shingles built to last. We look for exceptional track records, proven to withstand extreme and fluctuating weather conditions. Available with an extended guarantee or a lifetime warranty depending on the selected brand. Asphalt shingles are a solid option for our East Texas homeowners

Composition Asphalt And Fiberglass Shingles

These types of shingles are manufactured with glass fibers and mineral granules. These fiberglass composition shingles are much lighter than the asphalt shingles listed above and are also less expensive. Fiberglass shingles also offer homeowners improved heat resistance and are well suited for older homes, to new construction builds.

Tile Roofing System

If you are looking for an appealing alternative to a traditional roof, look no further than installing a tile roof! Tile roofs offer your home or property the energy efficiency and durability that you need when facing cold or windy climates. Tile roofing provides superior protection from water and ice due to its interlock installation technique. This technique makes it virtually impossible for the outside elements to penetrate. Suitable for almost any surface, 1845RM tile roofing is provided to you in a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and configurations to create a unique architectural style, to enhance any home! These roofs also generally require less maintenance as well, making it a fan favorite. 

Our tile roofing material options include; 

  • Clay Roofing
  • Shingle Roofing 
  • Shake Roofing 
  • Slate Roofing
  • Concrete Roofing
  • Composition Tile Roofing

White Membrane Roofing Systems

WMR is also known as white membrane roofing, is a single-ply roofing fixture that is installed over your existing roof, and provides superior solar reflectivity and exceptional energy savings. This technology is able to help cool buildings, and homes during the unbearable summer heat with the ability to also hold heat during the winter months. White membrane roofing is a thermoplastic white composite covering made of lightweight material, making it easy to install on any surface. 

Benefits of WMR include; 

  • Durable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy installation 
  • Reduction in energy costs 
  • Leakproof 

Metal Roofing Options

At 1845RM we want to provide you with premium quality materials that you, and your investment can count on. While most traditional roofing materials will only last 10-20 years, our metal roofing installations will last decades longer. Offering our East Texas homeowners unmatched durability. According to consumer reports, metal roofing can (and often will) increase a property’s resale value and lower home insurance rates. With all that aside, metal roofs offer their homeowner something much more, stability, safety, and longevity. Metal roofs are built to withstand the harshest of climate conditions. Such as freezing rain, snow, sleet, strong winds, fallen branches, extreme heat, debris, fire, and much more.

Premium metal roofing is a premium roofing investment that saves homeowners money in the long run. While more traditional roofing materials have a lifespan of 10-20 years, 1845RM metal roofing installations last decades longer and offer unmatched durability and numerous other benefits.

Protect Your Home and Increase Property Values

Consumer reports consistently reveal that metal roofing will significantly increase a property’s resale value, lower home insurance rates and offer a quick recoup of its initial investment

1845RM Professional Metal Roofing Installers

1845RM,LLC installs metal roofing that is designed and manufactured to stand up to the most variable and harshest of climate conditions. Expert installers customize lengths to fit any building or structure in the East Texas region that will hold up to freezing rain, strong winds, blowing snow, falling branches, debris, fire, or the heat of the summer sun.