Did you know? Roofing Edition

How many roofs do you see in a day? Driving to and from work, down your street, through town on commercial businesses, you potentially see hundreds of roofs a day. But did you know that roofs are actually extremely intricate and require quality craftsmanship for structural integrity? Here at 1845RM, we are ready to unveil the “secrets” of roofing and let you in on a few tricks, trades, and facts. Now, let’s pull back the shingles on the facts!

Your geographic location plays a factor in the style of roof you should get
It’s a proven fact that some roofing types work better in certain regions than others. This is believed to be a result of the differential in climate, and weather conditions. For example; Gable roofs perform better in areas that have snowy climates. Hipped roofs tend to be more wind-resistant, and Flat roofing performs better in dry climates.

Flat roofs, actually aren’t flat
How about that! A flat roof actually has a slight slope of ¼ inch per foot.

More than just shingles
Many homeowners do not know that their roof contains more than just wood, shingles, and nails. There are 7 components of a roof system that make up a roof. First, there’s the decking, which supports the weight to be bared by your roof. Then comes the water barrier, this helps by preventing damage from water or ice. Next, is the water-resistant underlayment that protects your roof from any other moisture coming in. Then, metal flashing makes sure that when water hits your roof, it runs off the edges, down a drip edge, and off of your roof. Finally, you guessed it the shingles.

Double layering your roof isn’t a good decision
If you have placed roofing materials over material that was already present, we would recommend getting your entire roof replaced, as soon as you can. While it seems like a harmless, and inexpensive quick fix, these double-layered roofs masque big problems. These materials also will add additional weight to your roof and can cause sagging as well.

Ready for the heartbreak? You can’t DIY a roof
Avoid doing damage to your attic, walls, frame, or even electrical system by calling in a professional to assess your roof. Replacing a roof is very complex and requires skilled, and professional craftsmanship from experienced roofers.

Your roof can breathe!
We know, sounds unreal, but roof ventilation is a real thing. Roofing ventilation allows for warm air that is moist to escape and in turn, allows cool dry air to enter the attic space. This ventilation helps decrease condensation build up in your attic, in turn, and causes damage to items such as your walls, insulation, and wood.

Cool roofs do exist
We are talking about environmentally friendly roofs that are made to reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays cast by the sun away from your home. These types of roofs also have higher thermal emittances and can emit radiation which lowers the amount of heat radiated into our atmosphere. Based on findings from the EPA, cool roofs help lower energy bills, conserve energy, and reduce air pollution.

Does your roof need a bath?
To keep your roof in the healthiest condition possible, it is important to routinely inspect your roof for moss, algae, and other fungi. But did you know that there are people who professionally love to clean roofs? They offer specialized products and techniques to clean your roof without hindering the integrity of your shingles. Most will use biodegradable cleaning solutions because they are less harmful to plants, and our environment.

Roofs have been around since B.C.
Did you know that some of the first roofing materials in the world were used between 5,000 to 10,000 B.C? These materials consisted of thatch, clay, and stone tiles due to their effectiveness in being water-resistant, shedding away water, sleet, and snow.

Metal lighter than wood?
Metal roofing materials are often lighter than wood shingles. Also, a fun fact! Did you know that metal roofs can also protect your home from lightning strikes? They are made of noncombustible material!

What are the most popular shingles sold?
Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing option in America. With 75% of the homes here in North America having asphalt shingles installed, it’s no wonder that this product has taken off since its appearance in circa 1900!

We hope that you enjoyed our fun facts about roofing! Be sure to follow us for more informational material.