5 Home Improvement Projects for The Spring

Spring has sprung! 

As the season of spring brings warmer weather, this is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to not only check for winter damage, but also to make valuable home improvements. Here at 5 home improvement projects to brighten the look and feel of your East Texas home this season! 

  • Repair or replace your roof.

Living in Texas, your roof is your home’s first line of defence against the unpredictable weather we face. Even small and often unnoticeable issues can lead to major damages inside your home! Water can easily leak through an existing hole, causing water damage to your attic and walls. Perform a visual inspection from your yard, looking to see if any shingles are missing, lifted, or damaged. If you are unsure, give us a call! We provide complimentary roof inspections

  • Clean windows and inspect them for damages. 

Take a quick walk around your home, and visually inspect your windows. Taking a look at the window sills, trim, glass, as well as any signs of water damage or deterioration. If you find that your window panes are broken or cracked, replacing them is inexpensive and will go a long way in the look of your home. Notice your paint chipping away? This would be the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint! 

  • Update and replace damaged siding. 

Siding adds a lot to the look of your curb appeal and can make or break the look of your entire home and property! By replacing warped or loose siding, you can give your home the ‘face lift’ it deserves. Whether you are repairing your siding, or replacing it altogether, updating your siding can improve not only energy-efficiency but comfortability as well. 

  • Update and replace your gutters.

Your gutters work hard for your home, directing rain and water from your roof away from the foundation of your home. Clogged or leaking gutters can cause this water to pool around the roof line, causing damage to your yard, and even your foundation. Replacing or repairing gutters is relatively inexpensive, and well worth the investment. 

  • Add insulation

Did you notice during our recent snow storm that your home just wasn’t quite as warm as it should have been? Or did you happen to see ice crystals hanging from your roof? That could be due to a lack of insulation! Adding proper amounts of insulation will help increase your energy efficiency and decrease your electricity bills

How can 1845RM help? 

Here at 1845RM, we pride ourselves on not only being knowledgeable, but providing our customers with high-quality service for all their home needs. From general contracting such as painting, flooring installation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, to roof repair, roof replacement, and gutter installation we can do it all. If you are looking for help on your next home remodeling project this Spring, look no further than the team here at 1845RM.